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…the Russian, who apparently did not want to lose face in front of the German farmer clapped his hand on his gun & said “You take them all or else!” or words to that effect. Needless to say we took them much to the consternation of the family we were staying with! When we left next morning, we left the remains of the eggs, but the German family said that rather than eat them themselves they would sooner return them if they could do so unnoticed by the Russians.

A few kilometres march from WIldschutz we met our first Americans. We certainly were glad to see them. They were an advance party of four complete with truck, water purifier etc… Luckily they were on their way back, which was certainly our way & they gave us a lift to Groetz [Groitzsch]. We decided on arrival to see the US authorities & see if they couldn’t speed things up a bit. Also we were becoming a trifle tired of marching. Most of us had large blisters & we thought a little transportation wouldn’t come amiss. However this proved to be a very wrong decision as we were packed up unceremoniously to a DP camp. This didn’t appeal to us at all as the camp was patrolled by armed American guards, and any how we…

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