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‘Bonded Pagliacci’ (March ’44) For first ‘Empire’ [camp theatre] Show “Muhlberg Melody”

Hard faces laughing and a broken melody
Letting on the beds of dried up sentiment
Forgetting all the cycling wheels of destiny
Outside their world, their firmament.
Tremendous urges stirred by reminiscence,
Laughter that the tired heart longs
Vanishes with capricious evanescence,
More sentiment and sentimental songs
So many pierrots forgetting they were worldywise
Great powers to be, and little useless men,
They watch a show whose laughing cries
Ring — today we laugh, tomorrow louder then.

“How sour sweet music sounds” (Oct ’44) Lightly gramophone recital

Faces queered by the light
And smoky shadows
With dust of today
Upon the floor
Even lilting sweetness
Has its light
Even the cold array of stars
Will not allay
That bitterness.

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