Letter 3

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“Cables & letters telling of our demise, capture, & eventual repatriation”

ADT21/B1 London 103/98 25 1240 S ETATBG
Immediate Mrs H F J Powell PO Box no 600

Daressalaam Tanganyika Territory
East Africa
Immediate KWY157/25 not WT from am Kingsway PC287 25/8/43 regret to inform you that your son no 1290709 Flight Sergeant DD Cleary is reported missing as the result of air operations on night 23/24th August 1943 stop enquiries are being made through the International Red Cross Committee and any further information received will be communicated to you immediately stop should news of him reach you from any other source please advise this department stop his brother has been informed letter confirming this telegram follows – 250719A –

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