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[Camp forgery for escape attempt. With thanks to Claus Horbach for translation of next 3 pages]

[On his return to England David filled out the General Questionnaire for British/American Ex-prisoners of War TNA WO/344. “Attempt unsuccessful with Cpl Goldstein SAS, forged papers for French worker, Danish identity card. Escape organisation built up & run magnificently by F/Sgt Robert Warn RAF. Reason for failure of attempt was unexpected German ban on civilian travel about Feb or Mar ‘45”.]

High-voltage Capacitors
Ludwig Baugatz Capacitor Factory Berlin-Neukölln

Identity Card
Hardy Paul, of French nationality will go to Flensburg on the …. to carry out a special construction job.
He has to be in Flensburg on the …
Travel expenses are 70 RM
The worker speaks German: well, a little bit, not at all
The travel authorities are asked to let the holder of this identity card travel unhindered and to help and protect him if required.

This permit serves as dossier under the police order and has to be presented if demanded.

Head of the Personnel Department
M. Schulze

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