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[Cast list]

“Let’s Rae’s A Laugh”

opening scene

(1) The Lovelies  
  Swing singer Garfield Townley “Sugar”
  2 Jitter bugs Murray Cohen & Bill Barry
  2 in Waltz time Ronnie Naude and Jerry Ball
(2) The Fun Racketeers George Harrington & Frank Lazzari
(3) Ace of Clubs Tony
(4) Roman Scandals Bill Rae, Nat Hoffman, Bud Chorley
(5) Triumph over Nature Joe Doughty, Lofty Weeks, Jack Lawrence & “Windy”
(6) Kings of the Ivory Will Johns & Jock McCarthur
(7) Glorious Devon George Maunders, Reg Croft & Bill Oxley
(8) The only Scotch Jew in captivity Nat Hoffman
(9) Gay Paree  
  Women of Easy virtue Bill Oxley, Vic Hunt, Les Witherstone
  Their favourite boy friends Bud Chorley, Harry Drevitt, Joe Brown
  Accordianist Will Johns
  English Tourists Frank Lazzari, Joe Doughty, Tommy Moorcroft, Jock Neil.
  Apache Dancers Tommy Milner, Sid Nelson
  Waiters Jack Lomath, Paul White
  The Loving Couple Bill Ray & George Harrington
(10) He ain’t got nobody Stan Backhouse with his trumpet
(11) Public Enemy Nat Hoffman, Joe Doughty, Lofty Weeks & Jack Lawrence
(12) Oriental Phantasy Jack Warner – Assisted by Tommy Milner & Will Johns
(13) One of us is dumb Joe Doughty & Bod Dunn
(14) Lonely nights Joe Turner
(15) Shipwrecked Joe Doughty, Lofty Weeks, Jack Lawrence

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