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Cast in order of appearance

Penelope Sycamore John Eastwood
Essie Charles Phelps
Rheba Ron Lloyd
Paul Sycamore Dave Cleary
Mr de Pinna John Augustus
Ed Ralph Saunders
Donald Ross Sweetzir
Martin Vanderhof Frank Lazarrie
Alice Doug Gillam
Henderson Pat Ashworth
Tony Kirby Alastair MacDonald
Boris Kolenkhov Bruce Combes
Gay Wellington Garfield Townley
Mr Kirby Bernard Greenberg
Mrs Kirby Phil Remington
The 3 men Paddy Stewart, Burton Kean, Jack Bowers
Olga Tom Moorcroft

The scene is the home of Martin Vanderhof – New York

Act I
Scene I. A Wednesday evening
Scene II. Several hours later

Act II
A week later

The next day

Assistant Producer: Wilf E Sutton
Music: Dave Ashmore and his sextet
Costumes & Setting: Empire Theatre Staff

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