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…on Potsdam. Received plenty of ‘gen’ from them. Things on the Squadron have naturally changed a lot but some of the old bods are still there. Joyce and Topsy still in the mess. We’d been shot down over a year when they started operating!

High alarms & excursions as per usual!

19 April ‘45
Camp feeling high with news of Russian offensive. Strafing, and large bomber formations in the vicinity of the camp. Intensive bombing developed, shaking the camp.Rumours of fall of Leipzig and Weimar.

18.30 The most spectacular “shoot up” yet. Target was a goods train in a siding just outside the camp. Thunderbolts made the attack; the final machine dived & scored direct hits with 5 MG fire on the engine. The following attacks caused the whole train to catch fire & blaze away. The attacks were, in each case carried out in a direction away from the camp mostly out of the sun. The entire camp virtually hugged the wire to witness this remarkable ‘action’ spectacle. After a time the trucks & contents began to explode causing broken windows & more jarred nerves. (Blast these Jerries for keeping ammo so near to the camp!).

The first burst of the attack found me inside & of course precipitated me once more…

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