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The navy of the skies sail on! Their decks awash with cloud
Swift galleons of celestial seas of whom we’re justly proud
Stern guardians of our Empire’s heart patrolling high above
Determined that no harm befall those that we dearly love
How proudly do they sail these ships out o’er the azure blue
Well knowing that though many sail, those who return are few


We need today, we earthbound folk no hour set aside
In which to turn our thoughts to them and those of them who died
No cenotaph need we erect to assist us to recall
How many of those silver ships with gallant crews did fall
Their memory shall be evergreen born on the evening breeze
Which murmurs softly o’er the wold
Strange ships and wondrous men are these
(A tribute to aircrew who failed to return)

By Cpl AC Eason
Stalag IVB

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