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…for at all. I’d like to get my hands on some of the Jerry NCO’s etc; who hunted[?] last night.

Some gun fire just north of the camp. Probably a few Jerries holding out in the woods.

2200 hrs Orders given out by Major White, new camp Commandant appointed by the Russians to the effect that anyone outside the wire without a pass would be shot immediately by the Russians. We come under strict Russian military control until the Yanks get here. They are commandeering all food & have guaranteed an adequate food diet for the camp.

The night was fairly quiet, with distant firing dying away. We are far ahead of the BBC news of course but Stalin announces further deep penetrations into the heart of Berlin. Also the Yanks were then reported 25 kilos east of Leipzig. They should be here soon.

It’s been a great day all round. We are liberated, but it’s been so long that I don’t feel safe till I’m over the Elbe!

24 April ‘45
Last nights orders repeated. Many chaps stayed out of camp all night, but are being picked up and put under arrest as they try to get back in. We have plenty of fuel and the stoves are going continually. Chickens and fresh meal etc being cooked all round!

The Victory show starts in the theatre running concurrently with “George & Margaret” and “Tons of Money” three performances daily.

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