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…into the prone position. I have found it far safer this way, then if nothing hits you, you can go on out for a crafty ‘look-see’!

Air raid alarm as usual at night, you can set your watches by it at 22.00 hours.

20 April ‘45
Leipzig fallen. MPs to visit Weimar scene of supposed German atrocities. Russians and allies closing in on Dresden. Closing in and all faces on Berlin. Fighter activity as usual & heavy explosions in direction of Torgau (N) and Riesa (S). Large columns of smoke seen rising.

2000 Skyline to south of camp continually lit up by supposed ammo dump on fire.

2105 Parachute flares observed over area from which previous flashes were seen,.

Excitement when curfew at 2100 hrs seemed to be neglected by Jerry. Meeting of all men of confidence under Russians with Koenig. “In view of present rate of advance of Russian forces towards this locality, do we wish to be evacuated to an area West of Elbe River”? the answer given was “NO!” with exception of Polish M of C.

Koenig then stated he was not sure whether all or part of his guards would be evacuated.

2330 hrs Statement to effect that guards were remaining, camp routine to continue as usual, and Poles to be evacuated forthwith. Newsflash said, Allies on outskirts of Dresden, Russians at…cont

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