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“To the liberated” (Feb ’45)

“Farewell”! said he who hung his head
I go where air is breathed by violets
And clean the silver bark of trees
And tint of pendant rose & red

The dawn came up above his head
His lineaments we lost in light
And eyes gazed darkly at the wire
For until then all dawns we lead

“Farewell” said he who hung his head
I lose the sustenance of dawn
Perhaps I’ll find unbounded space
Where none but fools and children tread

“After Dispersal”

Beyond the pallid man of Pegasus
Beyond the lazy beckon
Of the war-gods star
You lie where minds not reckon
The shadowed hours that are
After dispersal

Gone are the faster days of life
Melted the silver dew
That was a cool reality
While fantasy lay in the blue
Gone to shadows of finality
After dispersal

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