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…the camp today. Long lines of refugees to the north also Jerry columns with tanks seen for first time. Hundreds of POWs trooping in from the east. All nationalities. They say the Russians are coming fast. Rumours of advance patrols in the vicinity. The water and electricity supply has been off all day and there is no bread.

1400 ___[?] grub to be issued sometime this afternoon. Much tank activity during night & gunfire. No lights or water as usual.

1700 hrs MG fire in vicinity. Rumours of Russian advance. Panzers passing through.

23 April 45
The Germans have fled! Roll call was a farce as Russian cavalry was spotted outside the South wire. I myself with Mick Read dashed over to see them. The wire was torn down and the horseman galloped up to us. We all shook hands and then the Russian prisoners ran amok, looting and pillaging in the adjacent farms. These Russian horsemen were real Spartans carrying only automatic weapons & very little kit. The horses too were in fine fettle. It seems queer to realize we’ve been liberated! I imagine we’re well ahead of the news. Flags of all nations immediately appeared on the front gate & guards were posted. Lt Jessop assumed command of the camp. All morning I did guard duties round the neighbouring farms. They were a sorry sight indeed. Most of the Russian prisoners marched off in an orderly fashion with red banners to join their troops but the few that remained…cont

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