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…really cannot see what they can do with the stuff.

2000 hrs the advance Yanks turned up midst great jubilation just at the time when it was being announced in the hut that, among others, W/O Cleary was in charge of C Platoon for purposes of moving! – So beautifully vague. Everyone is giving orders. The RAF is a separate unit, but of course the arrival of the Yanks has probably queered the patch.

I’m writing this by candlelight and the hut really looks festive for the first time really in twenty months. Well, it’s pretty late so I’m turning in. Late order. The Yanks will be back with their CO between 10 & 12 tomorrow.

26 April ‘45
Discontinued, we should be on the move anytime now.

May 4
Thoroughly cheesed off with the whole situation. Orders and counter orders disorganisation everywhere. It doesn’t look as though we’ll ever get out of here.

1400 hrs Set out on spur of moment, eight of us, to reach[?] our own lives. Some chaps said we could cross the river and some said no. Anyhow we set off undeterred. Arrived at Belgern where a bridge was under construction. Russians said “no go”!

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