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We laugh beneath the roofs of friends
When we are free
We scintillate upon the trends
Of civilised society
We sparkle bravely as we waive
The faith of centuries
And wonder who we dumbly crave
For reason please.

Now we have the time to think
Now we have the time to fling
The opal veil of time from finity
And see if it is yet a bitter think

Not so bitter now we see
The bitter way is beautiful
If a mind can make it so
And make the travelled hours fanciful

The shadows travel
Let us ride them
Even to the end
Let no doctrine ravel
No creed condemn
Our laughs that blend
With those that have their faith for friend
Yet tears not end.

Perhaps there is another secret
To be told to a race of later men
An easy comfortable truth
That as to no troubled seeking them
And joy not be allied to pain


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