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The Daily Telegraph, Monday October 9, 1967
Pathfinders meet old foes
Memories of “old, unhappy far-off things, and battles long ago” were revived in a spirit of good-will in a German Air Force officers’ mess at Sobernheim, West Germany, at the week-end. Members of the RAF Pathfinder Force, now in jobs ranging from company director to postmaster, were guests of the Luftwaffe Fighter Pilots’ Association at the headquarters of 42 Fighter Bomber Wing. Many pilots who flew against the Pathfinders when they dropped their flares to lead the bombers to their targets were present to exchange reminiscences and pledge comradeship. 
Pathfinders, who did not wish to state their wartime ranks, and their German hosts in the picture, include:

(1) Mr W Gordon, now a BOAC captain;
(2) Herr Karl Allsturn, former Luftwaffe night fighter ace;
(3) Mr J B Hughes, bank official;
(4) Oberst, Maretzke commanding 42 Fighter Bomber Wing;
(5) Mr H T Ansell, postmaster;
(6) Mr W Porter, store manager;
(7) Mr J Finding, sales manager;
(8) Mr L G Johnson; deputy general secretary, RAF Association;
(9) Mr G A Thorne, company director, and
(10) Oberst, Werner Andres, former leading German fighter pilot.

Above right: Gen Adolf Galland (left), Hitler’s fighter chief: Major Wilhelm Herger, night fighter pilot, and Mr Alan Ball, a Pathfinder who was shot down over Berlin, meeting at a fighter pilots’ reunion at Furstenfeldbruck.

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