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May 5 1945
W/O Cleary and party marched militarily across the Elbe on the pontoon bridge at Belgern, quaking like a crowd of schoolgirls inwardly but appearing outwardly calm and very important! Saluting all round etc etc & we reached the other side safely.

Out to Sitzenrader [Sitzenroda] for a terrific lunch & on our way again to Schuldow [Schildau] where we encountered huge Russian convoys. We carried on to Wilderschitz [Wildschutz] where we billeted down with a German family who received us with open arms, it being the best way to keep the Russians out. The Russians incidentally, go a bundle on Anglich[?]anin (?)tska (English flyers). All Germans we met wanted to come with us West, scared stiff of Russian occupation. During our stop here we were visited by a Russian officer who was going to take the place over but as we had permission from the Russian Commandant & were English he left us alone and in fact was very polite.

One incident impressed us a lot. We were foraging with a view to a good substantial meal and we entered a farmhouse. All we wanted was a few eggs – these we found & were fast leaving when a Russian soldier stopped us & asked us what we were up to. Terry[?] told him and he insisted on our taking the whole basketful of eggs consisting of at least 5 dozen. Of course we refused, we didn’t need so many as there were only eight of us upon the…

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