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[Letter cont]

My Dearest David

You cannot imagine what joy here when we knew you were all safe. Firstly through Wilf’s letter to Ann, then we had a card from you. These five weeks my darling have been terrible, but none of us lost faith for a moment, we knew somehow that you were all safe. I immediately telegraphed your brother and he has cabled your mother and aunt. I received a very sweet telegraph from your mother last week and John & I have been corresponding regularly.

Lionel & Sammy[?] are home this week and of course we celebrated the news suitably. I think we all went mad, we were and are so very happy. Are you all together or separated? I don’t expect Laurie and Johnny are with you as they are officers. By the way —CENSORED— We are getting in touch with the Red Cross to send you parcels etc… I hope the address of this is OK only you haven’t a POW number or a Camp number.

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